Care, P.C.
Pain Management and Addiction Medicine

As our name implies at Comprehensive Pain Care, PC we attempt to be comprehensive in our treatment of patients suffering chronic pain and for patients suffering from addiction. This means that we address the physical and emotional aspects of the patient's disease.

We take a bio-psycho-social approach to the management of patients with chronic pain or addiction. The “bio” refers to the biology of the diseases. The focus here is on the physical aspects of the illness. This aspect of treatment includes the use of medications and procedures to treat pain and/or addiction. The “psych” refers to the emotional and spiritual impact chronic pain and addiction have on the patient. These issues are addressed through counseling and psychological approaches. The “social” component recognizes that chronic pain and addiction have an impact that reaches far beyond the patient. The spouses and families of these patients suffer too and need to be part of the treatment process. Psychological counseling can be easily arranged for both pain and addiction patients and where indicated, for their family members as well.

Chronic pain and addiction are both lifelong diseases. Educating patients and families about how to live with these diseases and make the most of their lives is part of the “psycho-social” aspect of treatment. In the broader “social” scope, we encourage members of our society to respond compassionately to patients suffering from chronic pain or addiction. For our chronic pain patients we endeavor to help them choose treatments that improve their ability to function and enhance their quality of life. For our addiction patients we strive to help them prepare for a reclaimed life without drugs. 

We also treat chronic pain in patients with addiction. Sometimes patients with addiction develop chronic pain and sometimes chronic pain patients develop addiction. Either way, these patients deserve the same level of care as any patient with a chronic intractable illness.  Management of both pain and addiction in these patients requires the expertise of a physician skilled in both pain management and addiction medicine. We offer these skills for the management of these unique patients.